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Anvil with Support Table


This anvil has been designed specifically for those who don't trust themselves to use the freehand anvil, but who have mastered the peening jig and are looking for a step up in peening quality. The support table provides somewhere to rest the blade whilst you are hammering the edge on the curved face of the anvil.
Price: AU$ 140.00
Out of Stock

Bregenzer Whetstone


Natural Bregenzer whetstone, about 300 grit. This stone is riven, rather than sawn so its broad faces are rough and cannot be used for honing. Instead the curved smooth sides are used. It is a useful stone for honing the blade in the field.
Price: AU$ 15.75

Copper Stone Sheath


This copper sheath attaches to your belt, and holds your whetstone. It also holds water so you can keep your stone wet. As you will want to hone your blade every 5 minutes or so in the field, this sheath is actually very useful.
Price: AU$ 36.75

Peening Jig


This item is an essential sharpening tool if you have never peened before. The Austrian scythe blade must be peened, i.e. the edge hammered thin, to sharpen it. Although an experienced peener can peen a blade free-hand, i.e. with hammer and anvil, most beginners only manage to damage their blade.
Price: AU$ 105.00

Picard Scythe Anvil


This anvil is specially shaped for peening scythe blades. It is a superb quality narrow-faced anvil for freehand peening and edge repair. Peter Vido hunted high and low throughout Europe until he found this anvil, then he told the scything community of his find. And so we offer it here.
Price: AU$ 52.50

Picard Scythe Hammer


The Picard peening hammer is a beautifully balanced and presented hammer that can be used with either a narrow faced anvil, such as we supply, or a flat anvil, which you can manufacture yourself. The cross-peened (sharp) end is used for the flat anvil and the flat end for the narrow faced anvil. It is more difficult to peen with a flat anvil and cross-peened hammer, which is why we sell the narrow faced anvil.
Price: AU$ 47.00

Sharpening Kit


The Sharpening Kit consists of a peening jig, a natural Bregenzer whetstone, and a copper stone sheath. With this kit, you have all you need to keep your blade razor sharp.
Price: AU$ 150.00

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