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Cabbage Shredder, standard (40 cm x 15 cm)
Cabbage Shredder, standard (40 cm x 15 cm)
Back in the days when women were responsible for preserving the harvest to see their families through the lean times, these cabbage shredders were commonplace in the kitchen. They are the authentic Krauthobel, an old world utensil with a sliding box, traditionally used for making sauerkraut. Just drop the cabbage into the slidebox and slide back and forth to quickly and easily shred cabbage. Our cabbage shredder, MS-Steinzeugwaren has been making for decades, has been made to last. It is made of solid beechwood, with 3 razor sharp stainless steel blades which are gently serrated so sharpening isnít required. The slide box is positioned in a routed channel and is easily slid back and forth.
Price: AU$ 100.00
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