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Fermenting Crock Pot 10L
Fermenting Crock Pot 10L
This is a 10 L crockpot made by Zaklady Ceramiczne, Poland. These pots are made at their factory in Poland. The crock pots are available in two colours, the traditional brown and olive green. They are made of stoneware with a food safe glaze, guaranteed to be lead and cadmium free, as per EU regulations. They are designed with straight sides and with a moat into which the lid is placed. This moat is filled with water and is a natural way of ensuring the pots are air tight, yet allow the carbon dioxide, which is produced during the fermentation, to escape. All crock pots come with 2 heavy weights to hold the vegetables down under the liquids. We also include a number of fermentation recipes. Try them out - then start experimenting!
Crockpot Colour 10L Brown
Olive Green
Price: AU$ 132.00

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