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The scythe is the ecological alternative to the lawn mower, whipper snipper and brush cutter.

We import hand-forged scythe blades, direct from the Schroeckenfux factory in Austria, where they have been made since 1540. We also import the snaths (handles) and sharpening tools that you will require to keep your blade razor sharp. And to add to the collection, we now have a scythe sickle.

An Austrian scythe consists of a blade, a snath with two grips, and a blade attachment ring.

There are different lengths of blades for different purposes. We sell 6 different blade lengths: the "vegie garden " blade (40 cm), the bush blade (50 cm), the trimming blade (55 cm), the all purpose blade (65 cm), the field blade (75 cm), and the long field blade (90 cm). See Blades.

We also sell 2 different snath lengths - to suit mowers up to about 182 cm tall (150 cm snath), and mowers taller than about 182 cm (160 cm snath. Both snaths can be height adjusted within this range. See Snaths.

Austrian scythes are sharpened in two stages. Firstly the razor sharp edge is achieved through peening, which is a form of cold forging. Then, in the field, the edge of the blade is kept sharp by honing with a whetstone. We sell both peening jigs and whetstones. See Sharpening Tools.

For those embarking on their first Austrian scythe journey, we have put together a scythe starter kit, which provides you with everything you need to get started with scything, i.e. a scythe, a peening jig, a whetstone and a stone sheath. When purchasing the kit, you are saving about 10% compared to purchasing the items separately. See Scythe Outfits.

We also import and sell crock pots. What is the connection - scythes and crock pots? Both are tools that require no fossil fuel and which will be very useful for those who want timeless high quality tools for now and the very uncertain future. For information on fermenting food, see Fermenting Food and Crock Pots. To purchase a crock pot, see Fermenting Crock Pots and Accessories.



Scything Plus Workshop September 2014
The next Scything Plus Festival of Workshops is 26th to 28th September 2014

Dispatch of product Friday 26th September 2014
Normally Friday is our main dispatch day, but as our next Scything Plus Workshop starts on Friday 26th September, we'll be sending any orders we have off on Thursday 25th September 2014. So please have your order in by the morning of Wednesday 24th September if you want it sent off that week. Otherwise we'll send them off on the following Tuesday.

Snaths in 4 different sizes
We now have 4 different sizes of snaths available. We have had special requests from people outside the normal height range who want a scythe more suited to their height. Also some of our very experienced scythers now have children who are very keen so they'll be able to have their own scythe now instead of struggling with one that is much too long for them.





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